Tolu Fiberesima

Change Management Consultant

Miebaka Tolu Fiberesima (known as Tolu) is chair of the African and Caribbean Community Association in Stockport, a voluntary organisation that supports Black men and boys with social issues, health and wellbeing. Tolu was born in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria and raised in a comfortable, close-knit family. Tolu attended public school, both in Nigeria and the UK, before graduating in Business Studies from the University of Manchester. Tolu settled in the UK to marry and raise a family, moving to the Heatons in 1987. He has since worked in a variety of roles in both the public and private sectors, including 13 years as a special constable with Greater Manchester Police. Tolu also spent time as a consultant with the British Army, working to recruit BAME personnel and as an equality and diversity specialist for Trafford College, City College and Stockport Council. In this interview, Tolu discusses his childhood, school and family, as well as professional and voluntary work. He reflects on the changing demographics of Stockport and the measures needed to support its African and Caribbean population. Tolu enjoys collaborating with others to find common ground and feels at home in both his residential and church communities. He has previously helped to organise events for Black History Month in Stockport and is hoping to do so again in the future.

  • Nigeria