Aba Graham

Cross-Cultural Consultant, Equality & Diversity Expert, and Philanthropist.

I am the Vice-Chair for the Independent Advisory Group for Greater Manchester Police J Division. I worked within the Prison service as an Equality Manager, a post I held dear for nearly 10 years, re-educating and pushing the Equality agenda so that Women prisoners can develop their voices and be treated fairly. I am the creative founder for ‘Nexus Equality Network, looking at Equality in practice, and founder of Ebony and Ivory Community Organisation an African and Caribbean Young people and Family Organisation developing aspirations. I am Trustee at Truth to be Told, supporting the aspiration of young people through Music and Culture. I co-ordinated a Wellbeing project for Disability Stockport whereby I managed wellbeing groups and supporting their pathway to independence. I developed a pool of community trainers at ‘Aspiring Boldly Associates’, educating the community, and organisation on areas of equality and community development. Co-Founder of Stockport Race Equality Partnership. My newest initiative as a founding member of Black United Representative Network (BURN) is one that challenges me to do even better, in believing in the potential to succeed and to inspire young people to believe that possibilities are endless in representation, leadership, economic, wealth, and prosperity growth.